What does it take to bring balance back to our planet?

a man climbing a ladder on a storage tank, shot from below looking up towards the sky with clouds
det365亚洲版 -平衡的星球

Our planet needs balance to thrive; for the climate, for people, and for nature

The world is rapidly changing—the scales are imbalanced, and many are feeling the effects.

The world’s energy mix must transform into one that can continue to meet demand safely, 安全, and reliably while decarbonizing for a lower-carbon future. Opportunity should exist for people and their communities to contribute to this challenge, and there must be careful consideration for the environment in which they live and operate.

在一起, we will pave the way to a balanced planet through better practices, 创新技术, and the commitment to help others on their journey across the globe.


A world with more energy and fewer emissions.

det365亚洲版 is committed to helping deliver the world’s greatest balancing act—enabling secure, 可访问的, sustainable energy to meet growing demand.

reduction in methane emissions from alternative flaring solutions
> 1,000
metric tons of CO2 to be captured by det365亚洲版 technology at Heidelberg Cement, Norway
efficiency gains in well optimization through our use of artificial intelligence
a graph charting the reduction in carbon emissions the world needs in order to meet its net-zero objectives by 2050
This is the reduction in carbon emissions the world needs in order to meet its net-zero objectives by 2050, but it is also what we need to do to maintain this for the long term. We need to balance the impact of the past with sustained net negative carbon solutions. We placed this global energy challenge at the heart of what we do and who we are. It’s the path we have all taken, and we will support its realization.
The det365亚洲版 logo represents our bold commitment, 不仅仅是我们自己的零净之旅, but also in support of our customers’, while embodying our pledge to go beyond. And all to bring balance back to our planet.